Circular Economy

Circular Economy Webinar Series

The VICEDA Circular Economy Webinar Series was designed to provide guidance to businesses who want to implement circular economy principles in their operations but don’t know where to start. The series is comprised of four webinars aimed at the tourism and hospitality, construction, and food and beverage processing industries and local government.

Each webinar covers:

  • A brief overview of the circular economy

  • Examples of circular business solutions

  • Case studies featuring Circular Economy Accelerator Program participants

  • Presentations from businesses who are circular economy leaders

Fostering a Circular Economy in the following areas:

Tourism & Hospitality Sector

May 17 | 10:00am

the Construction Industry

May 31 | 10:00am

Food & Beverage Processing

June 14 | 10:00am

How Local Government Can Support

June 28 | 10:00am

The Synergy Foundation mission is to share ideas, spark innovation and activate change to steer our economy and communities towards a more regenerative future. Through our programs and annual events we connect with businesses, educational institutions, policymakers and youth based on the West Coast.

Businesses that are keen to join the collective are taken through an in-depth questionnaire that assesses their water consumption, energy use, waste levels, social impact and much more. A BC Green Business verifier will walk the business through the process and provide a preliminary score with recommendations on how the business can reduce their environmental impact and improve their final score.

FED Urban Agriculture Society is a charity hosted by Synergy Foundation. FED works to address food security in southern Vancouver Island by promoting sustainable food systems and enhancing community engagement. They do this by creating garden spaces, delivering educational programs, and promoting urban agriculture within our community.

Project Zero is an initiative focused on bringing circular economy concepts to the west coast. Currently only 9% of our world is circular, meaning that the remaining 91% of all goods are linear and destined for landfills, oceans, or pollution at the end of life. The program’s five focus areas are changing business as usual, creating a movement that inspires, partnerships, advocacy, and economic development.

Award categories range from Environmental Stewardship to Greenest Office to Ecopreneur of the Year. Businesses fill out an online Ecostar Awards application form and describe their sustainable initiatives that have been implemented within the past two years. Finalists and winners are determined by a third party panel made up of business and sustainability leaders who serve as judges.