Executive Director

Mary Ruth Snyder

Mary Ruth’s core belief of “Authentic communication and engagement within a community, combined with collaboration, is transformative, and integral to the success of our collective future.” informs her everyday approach when working out in the community.


And while she is the only staff person Mary Ruth has tremendous support from the board of directors, and interns from NIC. The collaboration allowed for exponential growth in the chamber’s social media presence through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIN which is benefitting the #supportlocal initiative for all the local businesses and organizations.


Mary Ruth’s professional journey, encompasses 25 years in the ever evolving field of communications including work within the non-profit sector, the media industry and event management; in addition to her foundation of 15 years in the hospitality industry and 15 years in a family retail business. This unique professional journey has enabled her to hone an extensive skill set: Community Engagement, Customer Service, Event Management, Graphic Design, Hospitality, Photography, Project Management, Publishing, Radio, Strategic Visioning, Television and Writing. Combining her broad work experience with her education and developed skill sets has consistently led to successful outcomes.


She credits her parents for engraining the values of positive, encouraging and collaborative human interaction and her time spent at Camosun College with the importance of knowing that ‘learning how to learn’ was a life long endeavour.  (Applied Communications Program — 1997 Graduate).