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BCSFA recently released a report titled, “Consequences of the Decision to Shut Down Salmon Farming in the Discovery Islands.”  The report states that the Discovery Islands decision, if unaltered, will put nearly 1,500 well-paid B.C. jobs at risk and cause the euthanization of up to 10.7 million fish (equivalent to over 210 million meals). This decision puts the entire $1.6 billion industry in B.C. at risk.

B.C.’s salmon farmers are calling for reconsideration of the Discovery Islands decision. A more responsible path forward can be achieved through time, transfer and table to minimize the serious impacts of this decision. “We have been speaking about the impacts of this rushed, ill-considered decision since the day it was made, but this report really captured just how widespread the human and animal welfare impacts will be. Thankfully, we are also able to offer a reasonable, respectful way forward, one consistent with genuine reconciliation with First Nations and real engagement with all parties. The ball is now in the government’s court, and we ask them to seriously, and urgently, consider this reasonable way forward.”

– John Paul Fraser, Executive Director, BC Salmon Farmers Association