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Sea Lice in the Discovery Islands ~ Released November 25th, 2021

BCSFA released a Discovery Islands Sea Lice Report on Thursday, November 25th, 2021, authored by our Director of Science and Policy, Brian Kingzett. The report analyzed five years of independent sea lice data in the Discovery Islands and concluded that sea lice levels on wild Pacific salmon have been low both prior to and after the Discovery Islands decision to decommission farms in the area.


Innovation and Technology Report ~ Released July 29th, 2021

Today, the B.C. Salmon Farmers Association launched its 2021 Innovation and Technology Report Update – highlighting innovation, progress and accomplishments made across the B.C. Salmon Aquaculture sector since the inaugural 2019 B.C. Salmon Aquaculture Innovation and Technology Report.


Science Advances PRV Report Called Into Question ~ June 11 2021

On May 25, a study entitled Aquaculture mediates global transmission of a viral pathogen to wild salmon was published in the journal, Science Advances. This study was part of the Strategic Salmon Health Initiative (SSHI) – and highlights yet again the long-standing concerns of the BC salmon farming industry regarding the credibility of research supported by the SSHI.


Surrey Impact Report ~ Released April 14, 2021

BCSFA recently released a report titled, “Consequences of the Decision to Shut Down Salmon Farming in the Discovery Islands.”  The report states that the Discovery Islands decision, if unaltered, will put nearly 1,500 well-paid B.C. jobs at risk and cause the euthanization of up to 10.7 million fish (equivalent to over 210 million meals). This decision puts the entire $1.6 billion industry in B.C. at risk.


Discovery Damage Report ~ Released February 23, 2021

Based on the findings of an independent economic analysis released today, B.C.’s salmon farming community is calling on the federal government to set aside its decision to force the closure of farms in the Discovery Islands area and engage a new process. The report by RIAS Inc. found the decision could cost more than 1,500 people their livelihoods and kill more than 10 million juvenile salmon and eggs, while having long-term impacts on numerous communities.


BCSFA Economic Recovery Report ~ Released November 9, 2020

Investment through 2050 would create almost 10,000 new jobs, add cumulative $44 billion in new economic activity

An independent report out today indicates BC’s salmon farming industry has the potential to be a leader in BC’s post-pandemic economic recovery by stimulating $44 billion in new economic output by 2050.


BC Salmon Farmers Launch DEEPER DIVE: A Science-based platform that corrects misinformation ~ Released October 15, 2020

The BC Salmon Farmers Association has launched a new platform called Deeper Dive, which uses science and research to address and correct misinformation and disinformation that the salmon farming industry has faced for decades. Deeper Dive addresses 10 topics related to the sector that are often misunderstood by the public. Topics include Sea Lice, PRV, Land Based, Safety and Quality, Ocean Floor, Wild Salmon, Fish Escapes, Fish Health and Welfare, Cohen Commission, and Feed.